Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whitney Port's Fab Sofa

I was at the Romo showroom at the DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) on Monday, and I came across the most gorgeous fabric. I picked up a sample to upholster a sofa with only to find out that Whitney Port rocks it in her West Village apartment. 
Much of Port's furniture is from local flea markets and antique shops, but this Romo fabric is definitely not inexpensive. Port likes to mix and match, using big bold prints, textures and textiles with a soft hand. 
The photos of Whitney Port on her turquoise and beige velvet sofa do not do it justice. The print has a much bigger scale in person and is absolutely stunning. 
I've added a photo of the actual fabric, so you can see the beauty. Personally, I would have upholstered it on a smaller contemporary sofa with voluted arms and placed it in the corner of a bedroom. I think a huge sectional with pillows in the same fabric is a little is still beyond gorgeous though!
Oh yeah, and the other colorways are beautiful as well. I like Rice Paper and Ebony best!

I would have upholstered it on a sofa like the one above (without the tufting as it would ruin the pattern).

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