Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House of Hase

I open the September Issue of Elle Decor only to see furniture designer Todd Hase’s beautiful Hamptons residence on page 172. My mother, Terri Chetek of Terri Chetek Interiors, graduated Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago with Hase, and the two were close friends. 
Hase has since built a successful business with a full collection of gorgeous modern upholstery, tables, casegoods, accessories and textiles.
Every summer the Hase family spends their time in Chateau du Jonquay, a 17th century manor in Normandy, France. Todd took inspiration from France; his own line of furniture, lighting and fabrics fill the elegant home. 
“Rooms are albums that provoke memories. What you decorate with should remind you of a street you wandered down or an experience that made you happy,” said Amy Hase, Todd’s wife. 
The white-shingled Watermill property sits on six acres. The spread features the interior. Todd and his wife Amy’s two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Ava, are shown with their pony, Katie, at the stables of their property. 

Visit the Todd Hase Website! Every furniture piece is distinctly beautiful! 

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