Monday, November 29, 2010

Designer Modern Menorahs

Hanukkah is almost here! Symbolic of the miraculous flame that burned for eight days, menorahs are extremely meaningful in the Jewish religion.

Modern menorahs with less traditional designs are growing in popularity. Many are made of twisted metal, hand-blown glass or clay. I love the unique shapes and artistic sculptural detailing of modern menorahs. I found some modern nine-branched candelabras that are chic and contemporary. Commemorate the festival of lights this year in style!

(Louis Vuitton Menorah - On my Hanukkah wish list!)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pictures of Wolf Home, NYC

Here are the photographs I took of the interior of Wolf Home in New York City. Great source!

Bed-in-a-bag Deals - Bed Bath & Beyond and Target

Bed-in-a-bag sets are custom coordinated bedding ensembles that come in a single package. In the past year, I have seen more and more quality, beautiful bed-in-a-bag sets.

Bed-in-a-bag sets consist of a comforter, duvet cover or quilt along with throw pillows, bed skirts, shams and sheets. Each set usually has between 9 and 12 pieces. This is a great way to save time and money. Individually purchasing bedding pieces can get very pricey; you can get a complete look for less by buying bedding combinations. 

Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have some of my favorite stylish, inexpensive sets. The combinations are made from either cotton, polyester or a blend of the two and are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. The two stores knockoff designer bedding, which can cost you all together approximately $2,000. Deal of the day!

Here are some of my top bed-in-a-bag picks:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Love with Wolf Home!

I was recently in New York City and discovered Wolf Home. The store features exquisite textiles, gorgeous drapery, pillows, accessories and custom made furniture that is to die for. The store is filled with luxurious velvet, silk and cotton fabrics. Founder and designer Warren Kay is known as one of the world's most sought after textile designers and the leader of couture home design. I am in love with the store; It is Candyland for designers!

Some fabulous textiles:

I will post the pictures I took of the store tomorrow!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design

Allegra Hicks is a London-based fashion and interior designer with a bohemian eclectic style. She uses strong organic patterns and color to create modern classic designs. I have blogged about her in the past - she is a charitable woman who created a cushion for the Pink Wishbone Project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The chairs were sold at Suite New York with proceeds going toward breast cancer research.

Her recent book, Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design, presents her own gorgeous fabrics and rug designs. The hardcover book is filled with photographs of her own textiles and interiors. It retraces her patterns over the years; the articles on design and color are inspiring.

The book is organized by seasons, and each chapter explores her interior design projects. I am a big fan of her work! I love the book. Check it out!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Set the Thanksgiving table this year in style! Bring creative ideas and centerpieces to your home. Let your table reflect the warm colors of the Fall season.

Metallics add a touch of glitz and sparkle to the table. Don't be afraid to add bling to your decor. Coppers, ambers, golds and bronzes look fabulous paired with the traditional fall orange. Textured placemats mixed with interesting ceramics and glass create contrast and interest. Set the table with a fabulous centerpiece such as a large lantern hurricane lamp.

Don't stop at the table. Add candles and decorative elements to your buffet. Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

Fabulous Buffet Arrangement:

Navy Blue Walls

Decorating with navy blue walls adds a soothing air of stability to a room. The depth of navy blue in furnishings, fabrics and paint anchors a space. A navy blue matte paint finish with a navy blue semigloss finish on crown moldings is edgy and modern. This is a step away from typical neutral painted walls.

Dark shades of paint on walls may make a space look smaller, so navy blue walls is ideal in a larger home.

Navy blue walls add a striking contrast to white furniture. It creates a sophisticated nautical theme. It also looks great paired with fuchsia for an extra pop.