Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yuval Tal - Chopped

Yuval Tal is an industrial design studio engaged in design and development of new products. I have been watching Yuval Tal for some time, and I find their product design to be extremely thought provoking.

Many of their products had been presented in exhibitions and won design prizes in Israel and around the world.

Chopped is one of their products that I think is super unique and fun. Chopped is a series of three tables in three different sizes made from wooden dowels and then wrapped in a metal ring. The pieces are available in three different heights in orange, grey or green lacquer. What a cool side table!

Fluorescent is Fun!

It's no secret that neon is back! This season neon is everywhere in fashion and interior design. Fluorescent hues have reentered the design world through furniture and home accessories. I love neon as it adds energy and vibrancy into any room. Lighten up your life with neon!

Neon furniture can make a bold statement. A simple white desk can be dressed up and fun and with a hot pink desk chair. Sometimes all you need is one pop of bright color to liven an entire living space! Neon accents through accessories is another great way to incorporate this fresh look into your home.