Monday, September 13, 2010

Suzanne Meyer Pistorius Painted Chairs

Designer Suzanne Meyer Pistorius of BlugirlArt began her first collection using recycled chairs, stripping its color, refinishing and repainting the chairs to make it her own.

The designer takes inspiration from the shape and color of each chair. She paints bold, graphic designs on fabrics and has it custom upholstered. The Mod Mischief chair is one of my favorites from her recent collection. The 1960's style wicker back chair is finished with a black semi gloss lacquer and painted with a fun pink, yellow, navy, cerise and turquoise graphic print.

The Starstruck Quartet Victorian chairs are also quite beautiful. It makes for a one-of-a-kind funky dining set; the organic shape of the white semi gloss lacquer chair is a work of art. I would have any of these pieces in my home - Pricey but...Perfection!!

From Suzanne Meyer Pistorius' Collection:

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