Sunday, October 3, 2010

Italian Splendor

Italian villas, wineries and the Tuscan sun and countryside are inspirations for paint colors. Warm, earthy tones, red hues, and yellow-orange Mediterranean colors make for warm spaces.

Benjamin Moore Walls: Spoonful of Sugar 041 --- Red clay tones make for warm, welcoming hallways. 

Benjamin Moore Walls: Soft Pumpkin 2166 - 40 Ceiling: Golden Honey 279 --- By keeping the color contrast between walls and ceiling at a minimum, the eye travels upward and the room appears larger. 

Benjamin Moore Walls: Pear Green 2028 - 40 --- The green color reflects the rolling hills and greenery of the Tuscan countryside. 

Farrow & Ball Walls: Sudbury Yellow 51 --- The color makes for a warm and sophisticated room. 

Farrow & Ball Walls: Yellow Ground 218 --- The color reminds me of the hot summer sun in Italy.

Farrow & Ball Walls: Red Earth 64 --- The red clay color resembles the brick roofing of the villas amongst the Italian countryside. 

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