Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amused Mosaics

Self-taught Artist Susanne Sorogon of Amused Mosaics creates vivid decorative art mosaics for friends, family, architectural and home settings. Sorogon allows her creativity to pave the way for her artistic journey.

Sorogon began her artistic career experimenting with art forms such as painting, drawing, ceramics, pottery and scrapbooking. "When I was 14, I remember being at a restaurant that had an extravagantly decorated mosaic counter top that ran a long distance around the bar," Sorogon said. The design and art form inspired her, and it was there that she began mosaics.

Abstract colors, unique shapes, textures and movement motivate her work. Sorogon creates mirrors, backsplashes, wall art and counter tops. She works with mediums such as ceramic tiles, vitreous glass, beads and shells; she also incorporates recycled materials into her work. 

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