Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Decor for the Royal Wedding

I am so excited to watch the Royal Wedding! I cannot wait to witness Prince William and Catherine Middleton say their "I Do's!"

Launched exclusively this spring to celebrate the royal wedding, Graham & Brown designed Crowns and Coronets, a wallpaper design featuring a "right Royal riot of regalia." The wallpaper designed specifically for this big event features black crowns and coronets on a white background. The fun part - you can add self-adhesive jewels in a variety of colors to add a bit of glitz!

I also love Naked Decor's Royal-Themed Pillows. The pillows are charming and fun, and they truly capture the essence of the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey in London, and the official dinner will take place at Buckingham Palace.

(Buckingham Palace, home of the Royal dinner)

(Westminster Abbey - the Gothic architecture is breathtaking)

Here are some photographs of the classic and elegant interiors. Royal Interior Inspiration:

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