Monday, November 7, 2011

Something Blue

Blue and white is a part of my world. Carolyne Roehm's book Passion for Blue and White gives tons of blue and white inspiration. In her book she says, "Nature's quintessential blue and white never ceases to amaze me. The look of pristine snow against deep blue Aspen skies; spires of blue and white delphininum in a garden; Connecticut's spring mornings where the apple blossoms and nodding heads of white narcissus are in contrast to soft blue skies and vibrant green grass-these and many more images found in nature have informed my work for the last thirty-five years."

Blue is the least gender specific color, so it appeals to both females and males. The blue and white combination allows for introduction to any other color in a design scheme. I paired some of my favorite blue and white fabrics, trimmings and tabletop accessories. Something blue!

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