Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black & White Checkerboard Kitchen Flooring

A patterned floor in a great way to refresh and update your kitchen, giving it an elegant and fun touch. It is extremely important that kitchen flooring is in sync with the personality of the overall decor of the kitchen. Checkerboard flooring was extremely popular in the 50's and early 60's, and it has made a huge comeback.

Checkerboard floors have retained the sense of grandeur in less modest settings such as the Greenbrier Hotel designed by Dorothy Draper, one of my favorite interior designers of all time. This was one of the landmarks of Hollywood Regency design. The lobby has a graphic and elegant punch.

(Greenbrier designed by Dorothy Draper)

Black and white is the oldest checkerboard flooring style. It first appeared in paintings in the 15th century, but ancient artifacts from Iranian ceramic vessels showed origins of this pattern long before. These strong contrasting colors give a retro and contemporary feel.

Checkerboard floors are paired nicely with colored appliances; black appliances look clean and contemporary. Light airy curtains are a nice fit. Mosaic tile backsplashes work well with this flooring style.

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