Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art Basel - Miguel Paredes' Work at Miami Beach's National Hotel

Pop artist, sculptor and urban realist Miguel Paredes is one of the great artists I follow. I love his urban approach to Miami art with its street and pop art influence. The artist's Japanese animations are extremely funky and cutting-edge.

Paredes exhibited his work at the National Hotel in Miami Beach during Art Basel. This was Paredes' largest exhibition yet. There were two multi-colored canvasses that ran down the hotels outdoor facade. The Oval Room, interior walls and garden area were all converted into a beautiful gallery.

Paredes also hosted "Elements of an Artist: A New Series by Miguel Paredes" at his Wynwood Arts District solo gallery during Art Basel. Paredes' Pop-up Gallery on Lincoln Road was another viewing spot, which showcased more than 50 of his newest works. 

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