Saturday, November 20, 2010

All White Bedrooms - Sleeping On A Cloud

White on white bedrooms are classic and timeless. My bedroom is all white, and I love how it allows for a restful and calming environment. The quality of light that comes through my white room in the morning is refreshing.

Accent pieces in white rooms speak against the blank canvas. By using a variety of shades of white, the architectural details of the room play an important part in the design. Using different whites for finishes and fabrics is important. The room remains interesting and still gives the calming effect you wish to achieve. For example, using an egg shell for the walls, high gloss white paint on the crown moldings and flat white color on the ceiling gives a great effect without being too dramatic.

Vicente Wolf uses white walls as his backdrop for almost all the interiors he designs. I love white walls against a ceiling painted a shade of blue or purple.

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